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Simplify algebraic fractions

Algebraic regions on a graph  < SM Graph>

Expand brackests

Factoris common terms in an expressions

Function notation

Draw the graph of a y = mc + c functions using tables        <SM Graph>

Graphs from ay + bx = c arrangements     <SM Graph>

Graphs - Gradient and y intercept

Graphs of quadratic functions

Graph of cubic functions

Graphs of reciprocal functions

Graphs of sine and cosine     <SM Graph>

Graphs of exponential functions

Graphs of the circular equation

Linear equations with an unknown on both sides

Linear equations with brackets

Quadratic equations: Completing the square

Quadratic equations: Difference between two squares

Quadratic equations : Solving by factorising

Quadratic equations: Solving with the formula

Sequence: nth term rule for an arithmetic sequence

Sequences: nth term rule for a quadratic sequence   

Simultaneous equations: Elimination

Simultaneous equations: Graphs    <SM Graph>

Simultaneous equations: Substitution

Trial and improvement

Trial and improvement: Using sign chance


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Presentations can be viewed by clicking on the desired topic’s title.  A title in <brackets> denotes a link to support material for the presentation.